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My server logs show that many people are coming to this site with general questions about AS400s, so I've added a few pages in which I discuss some of the topics people are searching for.

What Training is available?

I always recommend the ATS training courses. That's how me and many others learned all about AS400s and RPG etc. Over 40,000 companies have used their products. They are also the only people I know of who do a NetData course - but there may be others I don't know about.

Note that their training courses are NOT Free. However, they are very competitively priced and since they are computer based training with audio resources you can always go back over the materials and new developers can also benefit from reusing the same materials. What follows is a list of courses with prices in GB pounds from their website. If you are interested in a course, and are not lookig for a freebie, then email me at and I'll put you in touch with them.

iSeries AS/400 Product List


  • AOPS - Startup Operations.....435
  • AOP1 - System Operations.....475
  • AOP3 - Advanced System Operations.....475
  • ASE1 - Security.....435
  • AIM2 - Work Management.....475
  • ACA1 - Client Access Administration.....395


  • APD1 - Program Development.....315
  • ACL1 - Control Language Programming.....635
  • AIM1 - CL & Programming Techniques.....635
  • ASE1 - Security.....435
  • AIM2 - Work Management.....475
  • ADB1 - Database Administration I (Data Description Specifications).....635
  • ADB2 - Database Administration II (Design and Implementation).....635
  • ADB3 - SQL/400.....695
  • RSQL - Power RPG with SQL.....455
  • ARP1 - RPG/400 Programming.....895
  • ARG3 - RPG/400 Interactive Programming.....635
  • ARG4 - RPG/400 Subfile Programming.....635
  • ARG5 - Advanced RPG Programming.....635
  • ARP3 - RPG IV Programming.....555
  • ARP9 - RPG Skills Accelerator.....435
  • RPGS - ILE RPG Subprocedures.....435
  • NAV1 - iSeries Navigator for Programmers V5.R2.....435
  • NAV3 - iSeries Navigator for Programmers V5.R3.....435
  • RWSA - RPG WEB Skills Accelerator..435
  • WDSC - WDSC for RPG Programmers......435
  • DNET - Developing Microsoft .Net Applications for the iSeries.....435 NEW COURSE
  • TQRY - TurboQuery/400 Training Module.....475 Free Utility Included
  • ACB2 - COBOL/400 Programming.....635
  • ACB3 - Interactive COBOL Programming.....635
  • ACB4 - COBOL Subfile Programming.....635
  • ACB5 - Advanced COBOL Programming.....635


  • AQY1 - Query for Users .....395
  • AQY2 - Query for Advanced Users.....475
  • TQRY - TurboQuery/400 Training Module.....475 Free Utility Included
  • MXL4 - Intergrating Microsoft Excel with your iSeries.....435


  • WHTM - HTML Coding and Web Site Design.....395
  • AWB1 - Web Server Configuration and Operations (HTTP Server).....555
  • ACG3 - Net.Data Power.....595
  • RWSA - RPG WEB Skills Accelerator.....435
  • ACG4 - e-RPG CGI Toolset (CGIDEV2).....395
  • AJV1 - Java/400 Introduction.....895
  • PJPW - Practical Java Programming for WebSphere.....895
  • JRLA - JDBC and Record Level Access with IBM AS/400 Toolbox for Java.....435
  • WEBF - WebFacing Now.....435


  • OPSB - Operations and Administration Bundle (6 courses).....2,541
  • RPGB - RPG Bundle (7 courses).....3,810
  • RPG4 - RPGIV New Programmer Bundle (8 courses).....4,063
  • RPSB - RPGIV Training Bundle with ILE SubProcedures Worskhop (9 courses).....4,150
  • EBIZ - E-Business Skill Set Bundle (7 courses).....3,595
  • WEB1 - Pre Websphere Starter (4 courses).....2,350

This article was submitted by me, Vince Lewis. I hope that the hints and tips above prove useful to you

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