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Free AS400 and Software Testing resources

Welcome to the Crimson Solutions website. This site is now dedicated to both the persuit of perfection in all things AS400 and software testing.


Yes, we are traditionalists. We don't mind whether you care to call it an E-server or an Iseries or an I5. No matter what you decide to name it we still think of it as an AS400.

But that is as far as our traditionalism goes. In all other respects we are very progressive, pushing the system and RPG to the limits. That said, we have a social conscience and we are into free stuff so we aim to provide plenty of hints and tips, free sample code, and free utilities and tools for the RPGLE programmer.

We are also keen to promote the server as a web platform. We believe that it simply makes a whole load of sense to have your applications and database all in one place, on a stable platform with rock solid reliability. Therefore, we always advise customers to get an Iseries, and once they actually install the beast they can see the benefits right away. No other system is as robust, flexible, secure or self-reliant.

Software Testing

With the growth in web development the traditional role of IS departments has been lost. It is no longer acceptable to produce information in an unfriendly format, and the user expects a more graphical feel. Solutions now need to be windows-like in order to appear acceptable to the casual user. Also, web development requires people with a multitude of skills - design, HTML, CSS and Javascript on the client side, and Java, SOAP, ASP, PHP, Oracle, etc on the server side. One man can no longer do it all. Therefore the need for effective software testing has never been greater.

On this site we seek to promote the use of effective testing, especially using the pairwise methodology and automations tooling for regression testing. The authors' experiences are in both traditional AS400 environments and n-tier multiplatform web environments, and so we hope that our information will be useful to all.

So have a look around the site, and please feel free to contribute feedback or suggest areas in which we could write new articles. The information on this site is currently free, and will always be free. (Note that some downloads may not be free, though many are)

Mission statement

Crimson Solutions is committed to provide the right product to the customer, at the price stated, on time, every time.

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